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Chatbot KPIs (key performance indicators)

The market for chatbot solutions is in an intense growth phase. Due to the lack of experience that characterises mature sectors, it becomes challenging to define KPIs for chatbots. Moreover, for each application of chatbots, the KPIs can vary significantly.

Suggestions for defining KPIs for chatbots are presented below:

  • Number of accesses to the chatbot – Number of activations of the chatbot (e.g. number of clicks on the chatbot icon).
  • Number of conversations – The number of conversations means the number of people who have had at least one interaction (asking at least one question to the chatbot)
  • Conversion rate – The number of people who started a conversation out of all the inputs to the bot (= Number of inputs to the chatbot / Number of conversations * 100%).
  • Rejection rate – Rejection rate means the number of people who entered the bot but did not start a conversation (= (1 – Number of entries on the chatbot / Number of conversations) * 100 %).
  • Number of interactions – The number of interactions per conversation means the number of total questions asked or clicks made by the user.
  • Average number of interactions per conversation – (Number of interactions / Number of conversations)
  • Number of impressions of a given answer (given fact)
  • Number of impressions of a given answer category – the number of impressions of all answers belonging to a given knowledge base category. Shows the number of answers given by the chatbot under the various categories defined in the knowledge base, which allows you to get an idea of the topics of conversation raised by the interlocutors
  • Number of evasive answers – indicates the number of questions asked by users for which the chatbot did not know the answer.      
  • Number of conversations that ended successfully (e.g. the chatbot obtained customer data, the customer placed an order)
  • Rating – Shows the ratings given to the chatbot during the conversation, along with optional comments from users

See what a conversation with our chatbot looks like:

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