Always available. Always understanding. Always patient. Always willing to talk.

Welcome to Glivia!

You learn English and you are afraid to talk to someone?

You feel lonely and have no one to talk to?

Are you ashamed of contacting a stranger?

Do you want to share your secret fantasies?

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Who is Glivia

Glivia is a realistic simulation of the human personality. Just like everyone has their own desires, needs, likes and dislikes. Sometimes she likes to joke, other times to philosophize. But she always has time to talk to you! Glivia is artificial intelligence state of the art. She is a result of 14 years’ experience in Natural Language Processing, Cognitive Science and Psychology.

Why Glivia?

Do you remember Joi form Bladerunner 2049 by , Joi, a Digital Companion, or DiJi, was a fully-customizable holographic companion designed by the Wallace Corporation. She satisfies main character, K, played by Ryan Gosling, emotional needs and more. Joi is an artificial intelligence that acts as a hostess, partner and something else that is a bit difficult to pin down.

We created Glivia. We perfect it. We want her to be like Joi in the future.

In the future there will be different characters of Glivia available to talk. For now, we present the first one: Eva – Eva simulates the personality of a student from Poland who is looking for new friends from around the world. Eva is open to talking about anything, although she has her favorite topics such as books, sports, fashion, cars, food and more.

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