Nov 27

Chatbot Applications

Examples of chatbots applications and their benefits are presented below:

Consultantacquaints you with the company and its offerings, provides technical supportGives a quick and professional responsecreates a good company imageeasy access to the desired information 24 hours a dayrelieves the burden on company call centrescan handle 150 calls simultaneouslycustomer satisfaction with speed of customer serviceno unattended customers
Website guidefinds information to the userdirects you to the right pagefaster and more efficient navigation on the website
Promoterbuilds an emotional connection with the user creates a good corporate imageincreases traffic to the websitethe user spends significantly more time on the website and is more likely to returnthe company’s offer is presented in an interesting way
Sales reppresents the company’s offer, informs about productsassists in making a choice based on an analysis of the customer’s needsshortens purchasing proceduressales department open 24x7increases sales (cross selling)
Interviewerconducts a free-form dialogue to obtain information about visitors and their preferenceswrites dialogueslow marketing and service costssatisfied customers, reliable data
Spokespersonanswers questions about the company and its products in a friendly mannertimeliness and accessibility of information improves communication

See what a conversation with our chatbot looks like:

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