Nov 22

Chatbot Functionality

  • Works 24/7 and can chat with an unlimited number of users, so there are no unserved customers
  • Answers the questions most frequently asked by customers, thus reducing the number of enquiries via email or telephone
  • Brilliantly presents the company’s offering, so customers are more receptive to receiving information than when browsing static pages
  • It is a guide to the website, indicating the information sought, thus reducing customer service time and increasing the accuracy of the answer provided
  • Attracts visitors to the website, which effectively reduces the cost of reaching the customer and increases website traffic
  • Builds an emotional connection with the customer, so that the customer spends longer on the site and returns more often
  • Helps with product selection, based on a conversational analysis of the customer’s needs and expectations, thereby conducting preliminary negotiations with the customer
  • Supports the purchasing process by guiding the sales process from first contact to order, thereby increasing product sales and shortening the product purchasing procedure
  • Conducts free dialogue surveys with users, thereby gathering information about the needs of current and potential customers
  • Distinguishes the company website from competing websites, makes it innovative and unique
  • Supports marketing, sales and promotional activities, increasing brand awareness and enhancing brand image

See what a conversation with our chatbot looks like:

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