Nov 14

Chatbot Benefits

“Hiring” a chatbot offers many business advantages. Here are the most important of these:

  • Reduce customer service costs – A chatbot improves the efficiency of communication by reducing the cost of customer service (the cost of customer service over the phone is more than double that of email, which in turn is five times higher than using a chatbot application)
  • Increased revenue – by increasing customer satisfaction, the chatbot affects company profit. It is an ideal complement to traditional sales channels: it grabs attention, easily suggests what to buy and guides you through the purchase path;
  • Increasing the productivity of customer service staff – by automating responses, chatbots are estimated to increase staff productivity by 10-15%,
  • Improve customer and partner relationship management – the chatbot acquires and serves customers and partners, it targets the customer’s personal preferences, the customer is interested and pleasantly surprised by the courtesy of the chatbot, which places great emphasis on understanding their expectations and motivations building an atmosphere of trust and understanding
  • Support in the implementation of the company’s strategy – the chatbot gives effective access to and management of the company’s data enabling appropriate decisions to be taken
  • Support for monitoring, reporting and analysis – through access to the chatbot’s dashboard and chat logs, the company has access to customer conversations and statistical information.

The company, thanks to the “employment” of a chatbot, can count on tangible benefits in the form of an increase in the level of customer satisfaction, who will be able to receive a comprehensive answer at any time, without having to make an appointment or wait to be connected to a consultant. In addition, the modern tool will attract more visitors. The use of advanced technology in the form of a virtual consultant also increases the attractiveness of the company website and makes the organisation using such innovative solutions perceived as very modern.

See what a conversation with our chatbot looks like:

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