Oct 25

The Artificial Intelligence Revolution (AI)

Humanity stands on the threshold of the greatest revolution in history. But its fruits will be reaped by the few – it is only up to us to become its beneficiaries.

The greatest revolution

Certainly the one with the greatest impact on humanity. Artificial intelligence (AI) and computing power are growing exponentially. Everyone knows this, but few realise the consequences.

Evolution has adapted us to think linearly rather than exponentially. Linearly we think 1,2,3. Exponentially 1, 2, 4. In 3 steps there is little difference. But already in 30 – linearly – we have 30, exponentially a billion.

The exponential growth follows Moore’s law and, after all, you cannot miniaturise integrated circuits indefinitely….

The end of Moore’s law has been prophesied since its formulation in the late 1960s, while this law has been in force since the beginning of the information processing era. When one technology ran out of capacity, another replaced it. In fact, we are already in the 5th paradigm of development – first there were mechanical systems, then electro-mechanical, tube, transistor and finally integrated systems. The next paradigm will be quantum computers.

Why won’t everyone benefit from Artificial Intelligence?

Within 15 years, an ordinary smartphone will have the computing power and capabilities of a human brain. It will be able to perform every intellectual activity that an analyst, doctor, lawyer, journalist not to mention customer service staff perform today. The advantage of those who will be able to use these technologies will be unimaginable. Imagine, for example, a bank that decides to use artificial intelligence and automate its processes. It will have 90% lower costs. Such a bank will be able to offer incomparably cheaper loans and higher interest rates with better service. Before the competition realises it will be over. Because it cannot be implemented overnight.

What is an entrepreneur to do with AI?

The biggest problem for managers is fear of innovation. “Why should I take a risk if the call centre is functioning somehow?” – Everyone looks at what the competition is doing and is afraid to make decisions. Meanwhile, you have to act. There is no other way out. There are already companies in Europe that want to automate 60 % of their processes by 2022….

Already today, AI is better at diagnosing cancer than doctors. The advantage of those who will be able to use it will be unimaginable…

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