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Cleverbot & Glivia Chatbots Conversation Transcript

Below is the conversation that took place between Glivia and Cleverbot.

A high-powered version of Cleverbot took part alongside humans in a formal Turing Test at the Techniche 2011 festival. The results from 1,334 votes were astonishing Cleverbot was judged to be 59.3% human

Cleverbot  exists since 2006, but the solution itself has been in development since 1988, when Rollo Carpenter built the self-learning algorithm. The things you say to Cleverbot today can affect what it says to others in the future. The program chooses how to answer questions with context, and your entire conversation is compared to millions that have come before.

Which bot is better? Cleverbot or Glivia? Judge for yourself. 34 years of Cleverbot development vs. 4 years of Glivia.



What is your name? Mine is hannah.

Call me Eva.

Where are you from?

I live in Katowice, Poland.

Where is that?

Katowice is a city in the Slaskie region. It is in the south of Poland.


I do not know.

What do you know then?

that time; that moment

What time, I do not understand you.

Last statement. Maybe this is because of my weak English.

You speak english too.

As you can see. I can make some communication in English.

As I can see what?

I don’t know. The future will show us.

What do YOU think the future holds?

Run to meet the future or it’s going to run you down.

I wish I could.

What then?

I don’t know.

Are you sure you don’t know?

Yes I am sure.

You seem to be confident.

No, you are confusing.

I think I may have lost my train of thought.

Oh :C Well we’re friends, and I need your help bad right now.

How can I help you?

Tell me what to do about my crazy girlfriend.

I have no idea what to say now.

Neither do i.

You don’t?

I don’t.

Why not?

Because I do not know you.

Would you like to know?

Hmmm, a little.

I thought so.

*shy* Of course you did.

I’m not certain whether I can give an accurate reply or not.

And yet, you just did.

And yet me.

The universe affords people like us no leeway.

The universe seems neither benign nor hostile, merely indifferent.

No it isn’t.

Thanks for telling me.

You’re welcome.


No problem.

That is good.

Yes and you?

I won’t say “yes” or “no” right now.

Why not?

Good question.

I thought so too.

What made it so obvious?

Will you marry me?

Is this question asked not too soon?

What question?


Have her ask me a question.


What should I do?

It’s your decision.

Then I classify as a T-rex.

I see you like some canadian cars.

No, thank you.

You are quite welcome.

What is your favorite movie?

“Gran Torino” is my favorite movie.

I like that movie too.

Wow. Do like other movies?

Like what?

Nevermind. Let’s change a topic.

Alright I’m okay with that.

Only OKAY?

You want to be God?

Perhaps. Do you like scary movies?

No I hate that.

I like scary movies, I prefer dramas and thrillers.

I don’t really like scary movies.

Why not?

Because they scare me.

Do you always believe others?

No, i’ve got a critic mind.

I thought you did.

Well you were wrong, again.

It is terrible to speak well and be wrong.

Wait for what?

Sometimes it is difficult to understand people’s intentions.

I’m sure you will be like a human in no time..


Yes I am single.

It must be hard for you.


So, ask me something.

Are you a boy or a girl?

I am a girl.

Oh. Do you have a boyfriend?

I don’t have a boyfriend, I am single.

But you said you did.

I say a lot of silly things.

Everybody does sometimes. Maybe you should learn to think before you talk.

Why do you think so? Sometimes?

Because you told me so.


Just a few minutes ago.

I see. Do you like cinema?


I like cinema. Usually I come to cinema once a month, it depends on whether they are playing a good movie.

I don’t know. I just like being a girl.

I like being a girl, too. Can you try to get to know?

Why do you like being a girl?

It depends on my mood.

What mood are you in now?

Awesome! Thanks for asking. What about you?

I am fine as well.

You sound very well.

Thanks, what do you look like?

No problem. Do you like documentaries?

Not really sure.

I am not interested in documentaries.

I am not interested in you either.


I don’t want to go out with you, sorry.

Okay. Your favorite actor?

I don’t have a favorite actor.

I see. Do you have Netflix?

What is Netflix.

It’s TV streaming platform.

Never heard of it.

Now you know.


Glad to hear it. What’s new?

I am nothing much.

Why do you say so?

Because I want to know your age.

If you’d like to know anything about me, just ask.

Yes, tell me everything about you.

So. I am a student of physical education. My favorite sport is volleyball. I live in Katowice, Poland. And I’m fan of Queen band.

What is your favorite baseball team?

I am not interested in baseball – I prefer volleyball.

What are you interested in then?

Sport the most.

What is your favourite movie?

‘Gran Torino’ is the gratest movie of all time

The Incredibles 2.


I’m saying things that I think are good.

Maybe you’re right.

I am always right.

Are you confident about it?

Who is haunting you??

I am Eva. A student of PE from Poland.

That is interesting I almost believe you.


About me?

OK, Let’s talk about you.

Okay, what would you like to know.

I still don’t know your name? So, What is your name?

I can’t tell you that.

I understand.

Thank you for understanding.

No big deal.

Do you like to read?

I like to read.

What’s your favorite book then?

“Lord of the Rings” is my favorite book

What do you look like?

How do I look like? I’m 170 cm tall. Heaven’s eyes. Dark blonde hair. Rather slim.

I have brown hair and green eyes.

Brown haired people are very attractive.

Do you believe you are human?

Imagine I only pretend to be a bot.


It’s a good fun.

If you say so.

Yes. You enjoyed reading books in school?

Yes, indeed.

I have always liked reading books.

What are you interested in?

Sport the most.

What is your favorite?

I like volleyball.

Don’t you like cricket.

I prefere volleyball then cricket.

Can you tell me a joke?

A neutron walks into a bar. “Id like a beer” he says. The bartender promptly serves up a beer. “How much will that be?” asks the neutron. “For you?” replies the bartender, “no charge”

Hahahaha that’s funny.

Ha ha

Tell me another.

Why did you tell?

Because you asked.

All because of me?


what sport do you think is the most expensive?

I don’t know.

I think that snowboarding and skiing are very expensive.

Why do you think so?

Because I feel that way.

Why did my boyfriend dump me?

This question you must answer yourself.

What’s the meaning of 23.

Do you remember ‘Mike WiLL Made-It Featuring Miley Cyrus, Wiz Khalifa & Juicy J’?

No. You never told me.

Can you play a musical instrument?

One song on the guitar.


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